Like a Bloodhound Tracking a Strong Scent, Lacrosse Coaches Immediately Can Sniff Out If you Lack this Crucial Skill...


This is What You'll Get with Off-hand Ninja...

  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to ensure you have maximum confidence with your Off-Hand.
  • A hidden tip on how to get the "feel" with holding the stick in your Off-Hand.
  • How to develop the coordination needed to catch balls with your Off-Hand
  • The secret to position your hands, shoulders, and hips so that you don't get too cramped when trying to throw and catch with your Off-hand.
  • How to handle those awkward passes that tons of players often whiff on.
  • How to generate more velocity with your Off-Handed shot.
  • How to salivate when faced with the proposition of taking a shot on the run with your Off-Hand...

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