Win The 1v1 Battle From Behind The Cage

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  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to get to the Money Spot and more importantly, how to position your body to gain the most leverage over the defender.
  • A hidden tip on to increase your odds of scoring by using an explosive and ultra-specific quick hitting move.
  • How to get right on top of the goal giving you a lay-up opportunity time and time again.
  • A progression from X you can use to fake the defense and keep them constantly guessing.
  • A great tip to free your hands for a shot following multiple change of direction moves behind the net.
  • Different dodging options that increase your change of direction speed drom X.
  • How to put all tips to the test in a live 1-on-1 match up...

What People Are Saying:

“I'm an attackman and play behind the cage primarily. This video really helped me understand where I need to get to on the field to give myself the best scoring opportunity. We do 1v1's at practice every day. My coach puts a really high emphasis on them. Once I started putting the concepts to work from this video, I really started to get an edge over the defenders on my team. This ultimately led me to get more playing time. Now, I'm using this same stuff against other teams, as I'm getting lots more playing time. Thanks for the help”

Timothy Maddox

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Win The 1v1 Battle From Behind The Cage $47.00 USD
Due Now $47.00 USD