BTB Flex

$47.00 USD

When you strengthen your core, the following will go down...

  • You will become more flexible

  •  You will get faster

  •  Your entire body will get stronger

  •  You'll become tougher on ground balls

  •  You'll dodge faster and with more confidence

  •  You'll shoot harder

  •  You'll become balanced, and in turn, a better athlete

Coach Miller, I've bought all your videos for my son, Evan.  He's in the 8th grade and plays on a travel team here in Long Island. I won't say which team because I don't want to embarrass him! Anyway, he loves all your videos.  He's been working his butt off for a few months using the BTB Players Manual and the Little Things video...they're all great and the improvement has been incredible.   We were a little skeptical when we saw the BTB Flex program...mostly because Evan is in 8th grade, and I didn't really think being flexible was that big of a deal for an 8th grader. But because we had all your other videos we knew that they were well done, so I figured we would give it a shot and try it out.  We were both really impressed with the movements in the video.  It's got great core stuff in it which Evan likes to do.  Obviously the flexibility stuff is great too.  But the thing I'm impressed by is how much stronger he feels after doing it for a few weeks.  He said his legs feel stronger and that he feels like he is dodging better.  He also said that he's not as sore or tired after practice anymore.  I'm not sure if that's because his legs are stronger or because he's more flexible - or both - but regardless it's great. It's pretty amazing how it gets him ready to play every day from a physical standpoint and its making him play better too. We really appreciate your programs.  Please keep them coming.  

Bill - Hunington, NY

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