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I want to talk to you about something that often gets overlooked...

You see, it’s the single biggest key to becoming one of the best players on your team.  

In fact, it’s what separates those players buried on the depth chart from the guys who play all the time.

I actually discovered  this the hard way…which I’ll explain in just a sec

But first, the great lacrosse players all possess the “obvious” skills…you know the Big Ones…

They have solid stick skills…

They can run well…

They’re strong….

They can put the stick in their off-hand…

In high school I worked on all that same exact “Big” stuff.

I would lift, run, jump some rope, play wall ball…

I thought everything was good…until I got to Tufts…

Then, I quickly discovered I was missing something.

It was painfully obvious when Coach Daly posted the first depth chart…

I was dead last at my position.   

Not where I wanted to be.

I was stunned as I thought I had been doing everything right.

I asked Coach Daly why he had rated me the lowest of the defensemen.  I knew I was just as strong as the others...I knew my stick skills were just as good… my speed was fine.

Coach actually agreed but then followed with, “You’re right, you are just as strong as the others.  Your stick skills are good enough.  But you’re missing something.  It’s actually pretty simple...  You don’t do the Little Things.

I was puzzled and asked, “What are the Little Things?”

Coach took me over to the team room and drew out an example on the board...

You see when you pick up a groundball in the defensive end, you try to advance the ball with your feet by dodging multiple people…

That’s ok when you can run over your competition.  After all, most young players think they can do that.

Things start to change, however, when you start playing against better competition.

I’ve seen you lose the ball several times.

Now, by contrast, when Murphy (the top kid on the depth chart) picks up a groundball, you often see him advance it a step or two, BUT he then rolls away from pressure.

He makes a redirect pass.

By incorporating his teammates, he actually initiates getting the ball up the field faster than trying to run it out.

Rolling to the outside, away from pressure…is a Little Thing.

I thought that I wasn’t actually turning the ball over that often.

Coach continued, “Now what you do Miller, by advancing the ball with your feet is not necessarily wrong.  Sometimes that might be ok.  But against certain competition Murphy recognizes when to do that and when not to..."

Coach Daly stressed to me that was one example.  Coach explained that “little difference” between Murphy and I.

He continued, "When I compare you to Murphy, you probably turn the ball over 1 more time than him per game.

But then what Coach said next, really blew my mind...

He elaborated….”Now, when you start comparing players across the board...meaning all 11 positions.  That’s where stuff can really add up.

You turning the ball over once or twice more may seem miniscule.   

But when you have 11 guys doing that, then you have 11 extra turnovers a game.

That’s insane!  It’s a huge loss of time of possession.  It prevents us from scoring goals.

Coach Daly focuses on those Little Things with each individual player on the field.  Because when they add up, they start to make winning teams.

He brought it back to me and explained how I was missing a lot of those Little Things.

Come to find out - Little Things are a really big deal in lacrosse.

When all else is equal, the Little Things separate out the men at the top from those at the bottom.

That became a Big learning moment for me.

From that point on, mastering the Little Things
became my primary focus while playing at Tufts.

My game skyrocketed.

I finished my career at top of the depth chart.

In fact, Coach Daly asked me to stick around and coach as the Graduate Assistant at Tufts after graduation.

I did that...then went on to coach at Georgetown University for 6 years.

And now I coach at one of the top high school’s in the country, at Gonzaga in Washington D.C.

During this entire time, I’ve remembered how important the Little Things are to experiencing lacrosse success.

So, I’ve kept a running list of the Top Little Things.

There’s 8 of them…

And I packaged them together for you inside Little Things that Make you a Big Time Player.

After all, there’s a lot more than what I just explained on the board…

There’s actually specific footwork you can utilize to handle the ball under pressure.

There’s a special fake you can use to get your shot off…

Little Things that Make You a Big Time player is just short of an hour.

By the end of it, you’ll possess some of that insider knowledge that those top players put to use every day.

You’ll discover the stuff that separates the players when all else is equal.

It turns out that Coach Daly isn’t the only coach who stresses the Little Things.

All great coaches do.

And Guess What??

The top players master them as well.

Danny, Mike, and Barney all mastered them…

It allowed them to perform under pressure…

It allowed them to become All-Americans.

And you can do the same...

They’ll show you in Little Things that Make You a Big Time Player.

And on this page only, you can pick up your copy for $47.

Focusing on the Little Things will help you and your team be more successful on the lacrosse field.

Your current coaches will like that.

College coaches like that.

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