How To Take Your Lacrosse Game
To The Next Level In 2017...

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Introducing The BTB Players Manual!


Video-Based Online LAX Training

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The BTB Players Manual is the first and only online video training program designed to help improve your lacrosse game "from the groundball up," getting you ready for play in high school, college, and beyond.

It's a completely digital training aid that you or your son can watch from the comfort of the couch - And then put to the test out on the field. You can stream all of the videos on-demand on any device, or download them to your computer or iPad, etc.

The core program consists of six hour-long videos (six hours total), covering everything from the fundamentals of stick work, dodging, and ground balls, to advanced techniques, strength, and speed training. There's also an additional two BONUS videos (also each about an hour long) that will help round out and polish your game. That's nearly 10 hours total of video!


Thousands of students have gone through the Players Manual training program...

The videos are designed for lacrosse players from youth through high school. We've heard feeback from parents telling us that their 11-year-old benefitted tremendously from the program (you can read some of the feedback below on this page!), and we've also heard the same from top high-schoolers who have already committed to play at the DI level. Whatever level and age you're at, there's always something more to get out of the Players Manual as your skills, size, speed, strength, and increase. After all, this stuff is being taught and performed inside the program by MLL All-Stars!

The program was developed by Coach Matt Rienzo (former Head Coach at Georgetown and Notre Dame) and Jesse Miller (Former Coach at Tufts and Georgetown), with extensive input and support from our four MLL All-Stars (check 'em out below!) and coutnless other elite players, high-performance coaches, and specialists.

We believe you simply cannot find a more comprehensive, detailed, and game-changing training program developed by a world-class team like ours anywhere else. Keep reading below to find out what you're about to discover in each of the individual training videos inside the program (and don't forget to read up on the extra goodies like the workout calendar, training guide, and our Top Secret Super Bonus!


Video 1: Armed For Battle ($39.95 VALUE)

Video 1: Armed For Battle

This video lays the foundation for the entire Player's Manual. You're going to learn the critical skills and techniques that you must possess if you're serious about improving as a lacrosse player.

The key here is to help you get confident and competent in the fundamentals before we dive deeper in the next few videos.

We're going to show you how the pros work on their off-hand and stick skills, using techniques from our Pros like "Box It."

We'll show you the dodges that you need to get past defenders and get to the cage... And getting to the cage means opportunities to score. You'll also learn how the pros pick up GB's like a boss, and protect their sticks from those pesky takeaway defenders.

The BTB coaches also reveal the one skill that they respect in young players above all others...


Video 2: Stick Magician ($39.95 VALUE)

Video 2: Stick Magician

It doesn't matter how good of an athlete you are... To be good at lacrosse, you MUST have great stick skills. Period.

That's why this video is designed to teach you how to do someting that most lacrosse players DON'T do: Throw and catch consistently.

This video also includes the workout and practice regimens that some of the world's best professional LAX players - Mike, Barney, Danny, and Kyle - have used since they were in the 7th grade... Specifically, the workouts they do to strengthen their off-hand play.

Some of their advice and routines might sound weird, might seem counterintuitive... But it got them to where they are today.

The material in this video was developed by the BTB pros themselves.


Video 3: Grip It and Rip It ($39.95 VALUE)

Video 3: Grip It And Rip It

As coaches and former Division I players, we can tell you that a big key to taking your game to the next level isn't just to shoot harder... It's to shoot more accurately every time.

And you might be surprised to learn that an accurate shot isn't just about technique - There's a strategy, too. A strategy that the BTB Pros - MLL All-Stars - are willing to share with you inside this video...

In this video you'll learn what the pros think are the best spots to shoot on the net, the traps to avoid when shooting, and how to "change the plane" of your shot (and why doing that is so important if you want to get the ball past the goalie), and an awesome trick to make sure your hands and arms are in the right position every time you take a shot.


Video 4: Win the l-on-l Battle Behind The Cage ($39.95 VALUE)

Video 4: Win The 1On1 Battle Behind The Cage

It can feel lonely when you're playing behind the goal, whether you're on offense or defense. It's a lot of responsibility, and you're often doing it alone. Not many things feel worse than when you're the center of attention as the defender is all over you and you lose the ball... Or your attackman just blows right by you.

That's why in this video the BTB Pros will show you four awesome moves they use to get by their man and get an opportunity to score. Barney Ehrmann also shows defensemen how he dominates attackmen in these tough solo matchups.

You'll also learn why we think that winning the battle behind the cage is all about getting to what we call "The Money Spot..."

Bottom line, you'll learn how the pros get the job done behind the cage.


Video 5: Strength Punishes ($39.95 VALUE)

Video 5: Strength Punishes

You don't just have to be strong to be a successful lacrosse player... You have to be the right kind of strong...

Wondering what it looks like to be lacrosse strong?

Just take a look at the BTB Pros... Because it just so happens that they all follow the same workout program. In fact, Coach Harrison Bernstein is the program's architect... The one who arranges all the exercises and stretches so that these Pros can really maximize their training.

And in Strength Punishes, Coach Bernstein walks you through the exact program that the BTB Pros follow. It's a comprehensive but concise workout plan that makes sure that every minute you spend in the weight room is valuable to your lacrosse game.

This 45-minute video covers over 20 lacrosse-specific exercises AND the key stretches you need to warm up and cool down. Coach Bernstein has organized it all into a four-week plan broken down into individual workouts, so you can follow along. Let Coach Bernstein lead you with Strength Punishes.


Video 6: Speed Kills ($39.95 VALUE)

Video 6: Speed Kills

You don't have to be the fastest guy on the field, but coaches always notice players who possess speed.

Speed can make up for a lot of other deficiencies that you might have in your game.

That's why Coach Bernstein is back again in this video to show you what you need to do to make sure your wheels are up to par with your stick skills.

Running faster is combination of technique, power, and coordination, so Coach breaks down the specific components of becoming faster... And more importantly, he provides the same speed program that our BTB Pros follow.

Speed training NEEDS to be an integral part of your workout.


But these 6 core videos aren't all you'll get today.
There's also three incredible
FREE *bonuses* included with your order...


Bonus #1 - Win the l-on-l Battle Up Top
(A $39.95 VALUE - Yours FREE Today)

Bonus 1: Win The 1v1 Battle From Up Top

Learning How to Dodge (and Defend) from Up Top is Just the Start... The 1-on-1 Battle from above the cage never goes unnoticed... If he wins, an offensive player can get past his defender and score, or (at the minimum) cause a slide to occur.

You'll often hear coaches yell, "Get the defense rotating!" Once a defense rotates, then potential holes can be attacked, and that creates scoring opportunities.

A defensive player is trying to hold his ground so as not to give up an easy shot or require help (in the form of a slide)...

What most young players don't realize is that to win those battles from up top, you need to be moving the correct way. It's determined by your FEET!

So in this video, you'll see firsthand how the BTB Pros drill both their dodging (and defending) from up top - while focusing on their footwork - so that you can start to see why it looks so natural to them.


Bonus #2 - Condition to the Max
(A $39.95 VALUE - Yours FREE Today)

Bonus 2: Condition To The Max

There's no such thing as being too fit when it comes to playing lacrosse (or any sport!)... The game is fast, and you have to get up and down... If you're not in awesome shape, you're toast! So this video is all about showing you what lacrosse-specific stuff you can do in the weight room.

It's not about running 'til you puke. You're going to get not 1, not 2, but 3 hand-crafted workouts that you can do in a gym, on the field, or on a track.

We're going to show you how you can save time by combining your core fitness with your strength workouts... AND you're going to learn how to grade yourself so that you can keep track of your fitness.

Look: The bottom line is that coaches and recruiters want to see that you are dedicated and ready to take your game to the next level. If you're gassed and can't get up and down the field, you're done!


Super Bonus - Alumni Secrets
(A $197 VALUE - Yours FREE Today)

Super Bonus! Alumni Secrets

This might be one of the coolest bonuses we've ever put together...

We've had THOUSANDS of incredible athletes - from high school players to pros - go through the BTB Player's Manual. Really, really top notch guys.

So we figured... Why stop with just our own instruction? Why not get their top tips?

So we sent out an email asking, "What's the single best tip or piece of advice you've ever received? If you could only share ONE piece of advice with a friend, this would be it..."

We got TONS of responses. We went through every one of them, and lifted the top 28. Why 28? Because when you join the BTB Players Manual, we're going to send you a top Alumni Secret - a "golden nugget" of lacrosse wisdom - every single day of the course, straight to your inbox with no filter. If just one tip made such a huge difference in someone's game, wouldn't it be awesome to have access to 28?

We debated whether or not to include this as a bonus, because the material is so good it really should be its own course, priced somewhere around $200. But hey, we figured why not make the this offer even more of a slam dunk? =)



Our Rock-Solid, Money-Back Guarantee:


Our Guarantee

Now, at BTB, we’ve been teaching tennis on the internet for YEARS. We're grateful to have tens of thousands of paying customers.

And from day one, we've always wanted to make sure you don’t feel like you’re risking a single penny when you try out one of our training programs.

And this program is no exception.

So we're going to back "The BTB Players Manual" with a rock-solid, one-year-long, 100%-money-back guarantee. That’s right, when you pick up your copy today, you have a full YEAR to take it for a test drive. If for any reason in the first sixty days you decide the BTB Player's Manual is not for you... Or you change your mind... Or you're having a rough day... Or for no reason at all....

You can return the product for a full 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked and no hassles either.

All you need to do is send us an email letting us know - and you'll receive a fast and full refund. And you won't be on our "bad list" or anything like that. We'll still remain friends. And you'll still have the opportunity to enjoy all our other programs - both free and paid.

And if you need help or support with anything along the way? There are no hoops to jump through. We have a dedicated support staff that you can reach via email AND phone, ready to get your issue resolved quickly.


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