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Introducing The Recruitment Roadmap!


It's All About Presentation

Recruitment Killers

Most players and parents think that the single most important factor in whether they get recruited or not is how good they are at playing lacrosse...

And they're DEAD WRONG...

It turns out that coaches are looking for a prospective student athlete who's the right fit for their program. The complete package of academics, character, work ethic, and skills... In that order.

But even if you're a straight-A student, a great guy, a hard worker, and a good player? None of that matters if you can't practically FORCE college coaches and recruiters to see all of that...

There's a flood of emails coming into their inbox, and a sea of jerseys at camps and prospect days that you need to stand out from if you want to catch — and keep — their attention.

So what's presentation? It means positioning yourself effectively so that coaches and recruiters see you, and not the other guys, as the one they want on their roster.

Do this right? Coaches and recruiters will be beating a path to your door. Do it wrong? You'll be just like every other family out there, flapping in the breeze and not feeling like you're in control of the situation...

Now, how do we know that you already have serious problems when it comes to how you're presenting yourselves to college programs? Well, you just went through the Recruitment Killer analysis tool, and it revealed to you that you're making at least one major mistake...

And that mistake — that Recruitment Killer? — It's a symptom of a much larger problem. And that problem? It's PRESENTATION.

And we're not just making this up. Because not only did you just hear from Coach Kerwick at Cornell, but we also sat down with coaches Scott Urick at UDC (and son of legendary coach Dave Urick at Georgetown), and Jim Berkman at Salisbury (10 DIII National Championships)... And they all told us the exact. same. thing.

But the good news? All three of these amazing recruiting coaches agreed to help put together the first and only complete guide to the recruitment process...

A guide that starts in 8th grade and goes semester-by semester, showing-and-telling you exactly HOW TO PRESENT YOURSELF at each step to maximize your chances of being recruited.

That guide? It's the Recruitment Roadmap.


Why Should You Learn From These
3 All-Star Recruiting Coaches?

Our Top-Notch Coaches

Well, here's the best part about this program...

These guys have proven track-records, with success and NCAA National Championships at every Division level. Jim Berkman alone has 10 of 'em. Oh, and 21 Consecutive tournament appearances in his 21 years at Salisbury... Wow.

And coaches Berkman, Urick and Kerwick know that recruiting the right talent, year after year, is what leads to lasting success in collegiate lacrosse...

And after more than 70 years of combined experience trying to pick out the diamonds in the rough?

They know what they're looking for in a prospective student-athlete... In terms of their academics, character, work ethic, and physicality.

They know what their program needs next year... What it will need three years from now... The broad range of speed, strength, and stick skills at each position. If they get it wrong, they'll be out of a job.

They deal with the most complex recruiting dilemmas every single day: Communicating with prospects, their coaches, and parents. Making sure academics are on-track, scheduling time to scout everyone, distributing scholarship money, organizing visits...

Or how about building a program from the ground-up in its first year, like Coach Urick with UDC, or Coach Kerwick did at Jacksonville? The list goes on and on.

And the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE? They're the ones sitting on the OTHER side of the table. They know exactly how an athlete can pique their interest by PRESENTING themselves the right way... Even if you're not the best player on the field...

This isn't some fluffy guide with generalized advice. These coaches? Their reputations are on the line here. And they're going on the record inside the Recruitment Roadmap, in both video and text form.

So if you're looking for REAL advice from the nation's TOP coaches, then look no further.


Here's what they'll share inside of
The Recruitment Roadmap:


Revealed: Kerwick's Division I Secrets

Division I Secrets

No doubt about it, Cornell LAX is a program that represents the pinnacle of both academic and athletic success. That's why we wanted to make sure we got ahold of Coach Kerwick for you...

So he could reveal how you can land a spot on the roster at a school like Cornell.

It's no secret that as one of the top academic and athletic programs in men's lacrosse, Cornell is recruiting some prospective student-athlete's (PSAs) pretty early... So for those of you who are struggling to wrap your heads around the early/accelerated recruiting process, you've gotta hear what Coach Kerwick has to say.

Because here's the thing: Coach says that he actually saves 2... 3... Sometimes 4 spots - In *each* recruiting class until VERY late (senior year) in the process to make sure he doesn't miss the late bloomers. If you're thinking you want to snag one of those spots, you're probably gonna want to hear what exactly he's holding out for...

Now, it probably goes without saying that as an Ivy League institution, an education from a school like Cornell doesn't come cheap. The cost of college is rising across the board... That's why we made sure that Coach laid out both the athletic scholarship *and* the financial aid (direct from the school, rather than the athletic department) processes in plain English.

Where Coach's expertise really shines is his explanations of how academics and athletics come together in the recruiting process. And since you're a student first and an athlete second, if you're aiming for an academic institution like Cornell, his advice is going to go well beyond what a college guidance counselor is going to be able to offer you.

Curious to know if your lacrosse prowess might "bump you up a notch" and get you into Cornell? He'll let you know.

He'll also show you how to reach out to coaches and make contact with them for the first time, and how to effectively *stay* in contact with those coaches, even if you're too young for some forms of NCAA contact.

The "cherry on top" is that Coach hasn't always been at Cornell. He spent years at other DI programs like Georgetown, Jacksonville University, and Hobart - but he also cut his teeth building standout DIII programs like Randolph-Macon and Alfred University. He's one of the few coaches that has seen success at every Division level... Even if you think you might be aiming for Division II or DIII, Coach is a gold mine of actionable information.


Revealed: Urick's Division II Secrets

Division II Secrets

Coach Urick proved himself as a top recruiter at Cornell and Georgetown, and now he's taken his talents to the Nation's Capital - in the DII ranks at UDC - to start a program from scratch.

And not only that... He also happens to be one of the top players of his generation. He was one of the top scorers in the country in college *and,* after graduating, one of the top scorers in the MLL... He also led Team USA in scoring at the 2006 World Games.

He credits his success on the field to his unique ability to see opportunities where other guys didn't.

To say that Coach applies that same mentality to recruiting is an understatement. In building a new program from the ground up, he knew he'd have to find opportunities - diamonds in the rough - where other coaches weren't looking. He brought in players from Idaho, Washington State, Texas, California, Minnesota, Colorado, Florida, and just about every other "non-traditional" state you can think of... Oh, and Canada, too.

If you're a good player, he will find you... It doesn't matter if you live in a non-traditional lacrosse area.

But there's one more incredible thing that I want to tell you about Coach Urick... He wasn't highly recruited as a player. He was only recruited by a small handful of DI and DIII schools...

He knows better than anybody what it feels like to be overlooked... Frankly, even when he was leading the MLL in scoring he didn't get the respect he deserved. Not until he led Team USA in scoring at the World games did people stop and say, "Whoa, this guy is REALLY good."

So, he knows how you feel when you're getting passed over by college coaches... And he's going to make sure it doesn't happen to you by teaching you how to distinguish yourself from other kids both on and off the field.


Revealed: Berkman's Division III Secrets

Division III Secrets

Coach Berkman is the greatest lacrosse coach in the game...

And he has the numbers to back it up: 10 Division III NCAA National Championships. 21 consecutive NCAA Tournament Appearances. His success is staggering.

So how did Coach build - and how does he maintain, year after year - a powerhouse program like Salisbury?

Well, there's a saying that "success breeds success," and certainly Coach Berkman's track record helps Salisbury attract some of the top players in the country year after year.

But Coach says it's not about him... He attributes all of the success to his players... That's why he spends 365 days a year recruiting the guys he knows are right for his program.

That's what keeps the freight train rolling.

Now, Coach has a lot of kids that want to play for him. There's a lot of helmets and jerseys at Salisbury's prospect days. So he's going to tell you how you can distinguish yourself from everyone else on and off the field.

But once you've caught his attention, how do you present yourself effectively so that your name gets written - and moved to the top - of the prospect board back in his office? Coach is gonna reveal the secrets.

And of course, Berkman also happens to be in a league of his own when it comes to helping student-athletes develop both physically and academically once they get to Salisbury. After 21 years, he knows what it takes. So he's going to walk you through a typical day at his program so you can get a feel for what it would be like to succeed both on the field and in your academics.

Simply put... There is no one better in the country than these 3 coaches to help guide you through the process of getting recruited to play at the college of your dreams.


Bottom Line? This Is A Game-Changer...

This program is DIFFERENT from anything you've seen. Before today, your best bet for getting recruiting advice was to talk to your high school or club coach... Or maybe some other parents and students who had been through the process before...

But no one had ever bothered to actually sit down for hours with all-star coaches and get them to commit - on camera and on paper - to what they believe will actually get kids recruited to go on to play at their dream school.

It really is incredible when you take a step back and think about it: These coaches are practically reaching through your computer monitor and offering to hold your hand through the process.

Oh... And if you don't feel like you got what you paid for? If you don't feel like this program really is a game-changer? Then you can have your money back (more on that down below)...


So... Here's How The Recruitment Roadmap Works:

How The Recruitment Roadmap Works

The very first thing we did when creating the Recruitment Roadmap was to sit down with our three coaches for HOURS...

And get them to answer every single pressing question YOU had about the college recruitment process.

And of course, we got it all on video. Hours and hours of it.

Then we took the footage back to headquarters, and we combed through it, dividing it all up by topic. So, there's a video that specifically deals with "The Role of Academics in the Recruitment Process," and another video discussing "Which Camps and Tournaments to Attend," etc, etc. There are 15 topic videos, and each video is anywhere from 15-15 minutes long, depending on how much ground we need to cover.

In each video, you get to hear from all three coaches, because not only do they have their own personal takes on each of these subjects, but their advice may vary based on which NCAA Division level you're aiming to play in.

If you don't have time to sit and watch the videos? No worries. We've also provided MP3 downloads and PDF transcripts of all of them, so you can listen to them on your commute or print out and read along.

And you know that saying, "A picture is worth 1000 words? Well, it's true. It reveals so much more than if we had just written it in a book.

You get to see how these coaches interpret and respond to questions... The raise of an eyebrow... The tone of their voice...

If you really want to get inside their heads? You've gotta have a face-to-face CONVERSATION with them.


Then, There's The 60-Page E-Book

The E-Book

After we spent hours pouring over all of the material we gathered from the coaches, we set out to put it all on paper.

We knew that what people really needed... Really wanted... Was not only the advice of top coaches, but a precise guide that walked them through exactly what they should be doing each semester...

Starting in 8th grade and finishing in the Spring of your senior year...

So that you made absolutely sure you "checked every box" and did everything exactly right.

It's not just the "what" to do, but its the "when" to do it, "where" to do it, and "why" doing things a certain way can really maximize your chances of getting recruited.

Example? When you reach out to a coach for the first time, it should be done in a very specific way (email! =). At certain times of the day and year... And if you don't include some very specific bits of information, the coach will be twiddling his thumbs because he doesn't have what he needs.

NOT a good way to make a first impression...

But do that first-contact right? Coach will be walking right over to the admissions office and making sure that you're a prospective student-athlete that he can start working with immediately.

You will have PRESENTED yourself in way that showed Coach you were serious, had your act together, and were genuinely interested in playing at his school. It's like a breath of fresh air to them when that one kid comes along who... *knows what he's doing.*

Don't believe me? That's EXACTLY what coaches Kerwick and Berkman said, almost verbatim.

So just imagine having the entire process laid out for you, in writing, right at your fingertips.

NO MORE logging hundreds of miles in the car going to every tournament and camp you can get to because you're afraid of missing that ONE opportunity to get noticed...

NO MORE worries that because you don't live in an area that's a traditional lacrosse hotbed that you'll get overlooked...

NO MORE hearing about other kids who are committing left and right early on in the process, and wondering what they have that you don't...

NO MORE feeling like you're inside a recruitment "black hole" that's sucking up your time, your energy, and your wallet...

*NOW* you're finally in full control of the process...


But that's not all you'll get today.
There's also two incredible
FREE *bonuses* included with your order...


Bonus #1: All 7 "Killer" Fixes
(A $47 VALUE - Yours FREE Today)

Bonus 1: All 7 Recruitment Killer Fixes

The reason you ended up on this page today is because you went through our Recruitment Killer Analysis Tool...

It revealed to you which of the 7 Recruitment Killers you suffer from the most. Recruitment Killers are those mistakes you're making in the recruitment process that are absolutely killing your chances of getting recruited to play in college.

Well, I've got news for you: Almost every single prospective student-athlete - and their parents - suffers from more than just one Recruitment Killer. We can virtually guarantee that you've got others lurking below the surface.

So what we want to do for you today is give you the fixes for the other 6 Recruitment Killers absolutely *free.*

Don't let any one of them derail you! Just sit back and let Coach Kerwick guide you through avoiding these deadly pitfalls.


Super Bonus - Alumni Secrets(A $147 VALUE - Yours FREE Today)

Super Bonus! Recruitment Secrets

This might be one of the coolest bonuses we've ever put together...

We've had hundreds of incredible student-athletes go through the Recruitment Roadmap. Really, really top notch prospects...

And we've also made friends with a TON of guys along the way in the past 25 years who went on to play in college and beyond. So we figured... Why stop with just our own instruction? Why not get their top tips?

So we sent out an email asking, "What's the single best tip or piece of advice for getting recruited you've ever received? If you could only share ONE piece of advice with a friend, this would be it..."

We got TONS of responses. We went through every one of them, and lifted the top 28. Why 28? Because when you join the Recruitment Roadmap, we're going to send you a top Recruitment Secret - a "golden nugget" of wisdom - every single day of the course, straight to your inbox with no filter. If just one tip made such a huge difference for someone in the recruiting process, wouldn't it be awesome to have access to 28?

We debated whether or not to include this as a bonus, because the material is so good it really should be its own course, priced somewhere around $200. But hey, we figured why not make the this offer even more of a slam dunk? =)



Our Rock-Solid, Money-Back Guarantee:


Our Guarantee

Now, at BTB, we’ve been teaching lacrosse on the internet for YEARS. We're grateful to have tens of thousands of paying customers.

And from day one, we've always wanted to make sure you don’t feel like you’re risking a single penny when you try out one of our training programs.

And this program is no exception.

So we're going to back "The Recruitment Roadmap" with a rock-solid, one-year-long, 100%-money-back guarantee. That’s right, when you pick up your copy today, you have a full YEAR to take it for a test drive. If for any reason in the first three hundred and sixty five days you decide the Recruitment Roadmap is not for you... Or you change your mind... Or you're having a rough day... Or for no reason at all....

You can return the product for a full 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked and no hassles either.

All you need to do is send us an email letting us know - and you'll receive a fast and full refund. And you won't be on our "bad list" or anything like that. We'll still remain friends. And you'll still have the opportunity to enjoy all our other programs - both free and paid.

And if you need help or support with anything along the way? There are no hoops to jump through. We have a dedicated support staff that you can reach via email AND phone, ready to get your issue resolved quickly.



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