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What exactly is BTB Lax?  BTB Lax is a destination for online lacrosse training, coaching, and drills. Some of our training techniques are unorthodox, but all are crafted to force improvement in as little time as possible. The head coach at BTB Lax is Jesse Miller.  He has 14 years of college and high level coaching experience... plus he has connections with some of the top minds in the game. 


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BTB Players Manual

This is our most comprehensive and popular lacrosse training program.  It covers everything from the fundamentals to shooting to stick work...  It's all structured into a 28 day workouts that includes speed and strength training...  Just dive in and start crushin' it.

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Recruitment Roadmap

Navigating the complexities of college lacrosse recruiting can be painful and frustrating...  BTB Lax developed the Recruitment Roadmap so that all your burning questions about the process can be directly answered.  It's made up of two parts, and the information is pure gold...

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LAX Shooting Mastery

Scotty Urick scored almost 300 hundred goals in the MLL over a 9 year span.  He was also a 2x All-American at Georgetown and played on the USA World Team.  He developed his secret shooting system and shares it all so you can follow along...  

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"I want to tell you about something in the lacrosse world that really helped me while I was going through my career. I graduated from the University of Denver and was able to be part of some really great teams - one that won a National Championship... But I didn't start playing the game till I was in 8th grade. However, I was able to make the varsity as a freshman in high school after only playing for a year because of the BTB Players Manual. I was searching online for anything that could help me and I happened to come across it. I bought it and really enjoyed everything it gave me. I learned a ton from Coach Miller and I highly recommend it."

Max Planning
University of Denver

"The BTB Players Manual is far and away the best internet coaching aid I've found for youth lacrosse. I did a lot of searching for lacrosse coaching help and the BTB Players Manual is the best thing I've found. Coach Miller really knows what he's talking about and does a great job explaining stuff to the kids. And the professionals that he got really know what they're doing and are names I definitely recognize. I highly recommend the BTB Players Manual "

Tim Monohan
Lacrosse Dad

"I learned a lot under Coach Miller and the BTB Players Manual. He's a great guy and great coach. The fundamentals he taught me helped me play at the highest level of high school lacrosse. "

Kevin Thompson
Former High School Player


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